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Are You Frustrated With Not Being Able to Cash Your PayPal Funds?

What if I Can Show You, Not One, But THREE Ways to Withdraw Your PayPal
 Funds WITHOUT Spending USD1,000 to Open Up a US Bank Account ...

... the BEST thing is, You Can Withdraw Your PayPal Fund at Local Malaysian ATMs and Get 100% of Your USD to Ringgit Malaysia (No Monthly and ATM Fees)!


Date: 27th of March 2007

From the desk of Hafiz Latib & Khairil Anizan

Dear Friend,

We often hear of local Internet Marketers who find difficulties in withdrawing their PayPal funds, due to the restrictions set by PayPal on certain countries like Malaysia.

In fact, Malaysians are not allowed to withdraw their PayPal funds directly to the local Malaysian banks! Not only that, withdrawals are tedious, can be expensive and may entail going out of Malaysia to set up foreign bank accounts ...

Many local netpreneurs, as well as Malaysian Lelong & eBay sellers exclude PayPal as a payment processor because of the limits in withdrawal for Malaysians.

This is a shame because without using PayPal, you'll be missing out on a whole market out there! Most international buyers prefer to use PayPal, as it's safe, secured and easy to use...

As a full time Internet Marketer Malaysia, I know very well the problem you are gonna face, when you start using PayPal. It looks like Hafiz found the ultimate solution to let Malaysian withdraw the money from PayPal.

If you are serious about making money on the Internet, you are going to need this e-book. You're need MalaysiaPal. So, I would recommended that you get this NOW before before these guys change their mind.

Gobala Krishnan

"Untuk ebook yang cuma mempunyai 30 mukasurat, ebook ini memang "The Bomb". Padat, Informatif dengan Gambar2 Yang Sangat Membantu tanpa ayat-ayat puitis (konon). Ebook ini dengan mudah boleh dijual.

Kepada anda semua, jangan berlengah sesaat pun lagi sebelum beliau berubah fikiran (yang mengikut pengalaman saya sebagai rakan, selalu mereka lakukan) Curi Sekarang Sebelum Mereka Sedar Apa Yang Beliau Lakukan! ;)

Sabri Hassan

Hafiz, Can You Really Show Me How to Withdraw My PayPal Fund?

Honestly speaking, I will show you not just 'a' way, but 3 ways of withdrawing your PayPal money...

By reading "PayPal Alternative in Malaysia", you can:

Clear your PayPal funds within a day directly to your local bank!

Get 1 local company (Sdn Bhd) that can give you _____. (well I can't divulge the secrets right here, right?)

Get 100% of your money without monthly fees and international ATM charges...

Maximize your PayPals fund without losing a single cent.

Learn how to approach a T_____for _____ (yes, read my e-book to find out what this is about).

Make 100% money from the MalaysiaPal e-book.

Use the MalaysiaPal Millionaire Estimator (learn more below...)

Get FREE updates of "PayPal Alternative in Malaysia".

Get full support from MalaysiaPal Helpdesk.

Firstly, I want to apologize to Hafiz for the shotgun method that I used to contact him. I managed to find his contact number and I sent him a SMS to say how much I liked his site. From then onwards, he graciously sent me a copy his book to review and it was one day before it was supposed to be launched!

Secondly, I can't believe that I was hooked from Page 1 onwards to the end. Literally I was blown away from my chair with the useful information in this ebook and separating wheat from chaff is my forte. Its full of useful information and now I've found the easiest way to withdraw paypal funds via a Malaysian ATM machine. Kudos to Hafiz for making my life so much easier. In all my 9 years experience on the internet, I've never read a much simpler ebook !


Colbert Low

Dengan harga semurah RM10 saya dapat mengetahui 3 cara yg termudah untuk mengeluarkan duit dari PayPal. Langkah-langkah yang diterangkan sangat mudah untuk dipraktikkan dengan ayat-ayat yang mudah.

Sebagai seorang webmaster, PayPal adalah payment processor yg sgt penting. Dengan adanya ebook ini saya dapat mengeluarkan duit dari PayPal dengan mudah dan selamat. Terima kasih Hafiz.

Syafiq Wan Rahim

As the translator to MalaysiaPal for both the free and paid
version, I was the first to read the methods and tips shared by Hafiz.

I was amazed with the amount of information given in PayPal
Alternative in Malaysia V2.0. In fact the other day, I emailed Hafiz asking him for the rest of the book, as he had given me only the first 80% to translate! I wanted to know more!

His methods to withdraw funds from PayPal are practical and easy to follow, with screenshots and tips to help you along the way. You'd have to read it to find out more.

Once again it's a no-brainer to get this e-book, Hafiz is only
selling it for 10 ringgit!

Thanks Hafiz for sharing your 'precious' guide to Malaysians.


I'm interested! How much will it cost me?

This e-book will help you save 1000's of dollars in fees and as a gesture of good-will for both seasoned & budding netpreneurs, Lelong sellers & eBay professionals, for a limited time only, this e-book is offered at a special introductory price of RM97, RM77, RM50, RM27, RM10!

What? RM10 !? Are You Sure This E-book is For Real?

Yes, absolutely! I will stand behind my cheap e-book! For the price of a rice lunch set and teh tarik, you will get all the advantages I mentioned above. It may be CHEAP but it's definitely NOT 'cheap info'!

Not only that, you'll receive my special bonuses that can't be found anywhere else on the Net...

My bonuses are NOT products that every Mike, Ahmad, Chong, or Raju is offering under the sun; these are MY OWN bonuses:

Bonus #1 (RM47)
MalaysiaPal Millionaire Estimator

I'll not only show you the 3 ways to withdraw PayPal in my e-book but also provide you with the "MalaysiaPal Millionaire Estimator".

This cool tool will give you the answer as to which method is the best way to withdraw your PayPal fund.

You simply key in your average income from PayPal each month, and by clicking the "Enter" button, the "MalaysiaPal Millionaire Estimator" will give the best estimation in Ringgit Malaysia for all 3 methods!

Bonus #2 (RM27)

You also get the MalaysiaPal template so that you can make 100% commission by selling this e-book.

You don't have to upload the e-book and give it manually to your buyers because MalaysiaPal will do that for you! ;)

My own e-mail templates are also included in this bonus for you to use to reply to your buyers.

Bonus #3 (RM50)

"PayPal Alternative in Malaysia" comes in TWO versions - English and Bahasa Melayu!

You'll get both versions of the e-book. Just choose which version you want to read or read both... (no one's stopping you!)



Order Now for ONLY RM10!
This is a limited-time offer!


Get Your Copy Now For Only


Get Your Copy Now For Only


Get Your Copy Now For Only

To your succcess,
Hafiz Latib & Khairil Anizan

P.S. If the report isn't enough, remember, after buying you can turn around and resell the report to your list (or with a link on your website). In 20 minutes you can make that RM10 back times 10, 100, or even 1000! You get the FULL RM10 directly to your Maybank / PayPal account for every sale, the instant it's made.


MalaysiaPal is a MUST-READ ebook for Malaysian
internet entrepreneurs!

You nailed down all the critical issues dealing with
PayPal in Malaysia. The latest version of MalaysiaPal
is definitely better than ever and I highly recommend
everyone to grab a copy of this guide right now.

I can tell you that it will be a big disadvantage if you
don't have a PayPal account. Not only international
customers are using PayPal, many Malaysians are using
it too.

How do I know?

I'm selling "Rahsia MLM" (an ebook in Malay) and
I could have lost extra 37 sales (as of this
writing) if I didn't put PayPal as an alternative
payment processor.

Thanks to you!

Now, many more Malaysians can open a PayPal account
and bring back the money to Malaysia safely.

Oh, by the way... Method #3 is my favorite!

Zamri Nanyan

How The Great Solution You Told Me Hafiz!!!

Setelah saya mendapatkannya, saya dapati begitu mudah dan menjimatkan sekali terutamanya kaedah ke-3 m/s 13.

Sememangnya sebelum ini saya hampir-hampir terbang ke negara jiran tetapi setelah menggunakan kaedah
ke-3 tersebut, saya dapat jimat tiket kapal terbang berjumlah
RM1200++ dengan hanya RM4.30 (pada mulanya,sukar untuk saya mempercayainya!)...dan ianya AMAT memudahkan saya untuk berurusan dengan akaun Paypal...RM terus
masuk ke akaun bank di Malaysia.

Hafiz,teruskan usaha anda untuk membantu cara pengeluaran Paypal rakyat Malaysia.

Hafizal Ramli
-Senior Islamic Estate Planner-

Hello Hafiz,

Again, you done a great job!.I know,you are always overdeliver :)

What i can said, the new version of malaysiapal is totally
different than previous one. It was very practical and easy to apply. As a bonus, u can make 100% money with this report.

As an internet marketer, paypal is a main payment processor on my business. And with knowing more method how to withdraw my money via really help me. So folks, dont delay and get it now.

Azhar Alias

Tahniah saya ucapkan kepada saudara bitol kerana menghasilkan panduan cara - cara mengeluarkan wang dari akaun paypal. Tidak lengkap sekiranya jika seorang peniaga internet tidak memiliki Akaun PayPal untuk proses jual beli secara global. Jika selama ini peniaga internet di malaysia dibelenggu dengan masalah pengeluaran wang daripada akaun paypal, kini tidak lagi dengan adanya panduan ini.


Mohd Amirol
Anda akan merasa bertuah setelah memiliki E-book MalaysiaPal ini dan mungkin merasakannya ianya tidak setimpal dengan harganya yang murah!. Ya, kenapa ?. Murah dan mudah untuk dilaksanakan dengan panduan langkah demi langkah. Percayalah, anda tidak akan dapat mengaplikasikan dengan jalan yang singkat, melainkan terpaksa bersusah payah sendiri untuk mengeluarkan duit anda dari PayPal!. Justeru, dapatkan ebook ini hari ini juga dan anda akan tidur lena tanpa memikirkan kesukaran untuk melakukannya!'

Norazlina Ramdzan

Ebook ini menjawab segala persoalan yang dihadapi oleh Internet Marketer Malaysia untuk mengeluarkan wang dari Paypal. Ia juga menerangkan kaedah-kaedah yang relevan dan terkini sesuai untuk sesiapa sahaja yang melibatkan diri di dalam apa juga bidang Internet Bussiness.

Syabas kepada penulis. Semoga ia dapat dimanfaatkan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Abd Rahman Jamaan

Darma Kifayah Enterprise, Kedai Musolla Darusslam, Jalan Teratai 2/5, Taman Bukit Teratai, 56100 KUALA LUMPUR. Tel: 03-42806803, H/P: 013-6701491